The Cabin

So as I mentioned in a previous post, Dan and I are in a temporary living situation. We are living in what I affectionately call “The Cabin”, which is actually just a 700 SF house on a large property. The owners have 4 houses on this property, 3 which they rent out, and one that they live in. One of the houses is a super cute cabin with two fire places that I wish we were renting, but it’s probably better we’re not, because now we will be 1000x more grateful once we move into our real house.

It’s kind of fun living out in the country. There are 3 horses on the property, the owners have a huge garden and routinely give us fresh vegetables, and really, I can’t get over the scenery out here. The cabin isn’t bad, but it’s not great. It’s small and cramped, and we have all of our wedding/bridal shower gifts (thank you friends!!) stored in the spare bedroom, which is being blocked by Dan’s mountain bike. The bathroom is cramped as the kitty box is in there, and somehow dead fruit flies keep showing up on the counter. All of our stuff is in storage, so we’re using what they have here, which I have to say, is not that bad. Le Creuset everything? I’m ok with that. The water is gross though. We’re on well, and there’s not filter or softner, so it smells like sulfur. We’ve been buying bottled water (which kills the environmentally conscious in us, but at least we can take it to recycling) to drink, and for awhile I was rinsing with it. I don’t know if I’m getting used to it, but it’s not that bad so I can rinse with it. I still don’t drink it and we don’t give it to the animals.

Here are some photos of our current living situation. Please ignore the mess, we have too much stuff for such a small place.

Drive way up to the cabin

The “Cabin”

The living room. Can you find Fred?

The kitchen.

Main bedroom

Second bedroom. You could say I have a slight obsession with Crate and Barrel.

The bathroom (Sorry, I had to add this, so I can always remind myself that if Dan and I lived through this for 3 months, we can live through anything)

The horses on the property

The view from my office/kitchen. I can’t complain, plus everything is a gorgeous fall orange now.

Vegetable garden


Long distance wedding planning

When Dan and I got engaged last year (in Sydney!) we planned our Seattle wedding, happily thinking we were going to be there forever. Fast forward 8 months later, we’re moving to Montana and having to make some final decisions when I had been pushing everything off for “sometime in the future”. Luckily we had picked our venue, photographer and DJ by then, but we were trying to figure out desserts, invites (which my friend was designing and another friend addressing), and hurry and finish all the Catholic requirements. Our wedding is travel themed and I plan on naming all the tables after airports we have traveled to, and I had elaborate plans of decorating the tables in photos/postcards of those places, but now? Forget it. I’ll have the hotel decorate with a simple flower arrangement.

Look! We’re engaged!

Invites were another tricky thing. I met up with my designer friend before I left and she ordered them after I moved. One of my other friends was going to do calligraphy on all the envelops, so I had to schedule and figure out a way to get her the envelops, while I took the invites so I could put them together. She then had to mail me the envelops to the new house in Montana (we’re having all our mail sent there, which is another fun thing to deal with), so I picked them up and stuffed all the envelops. There may have been one freak out on Dan to put the phone down and stamp the damn invites. All this would’ve been much easier if we were still in Seattle and I could have gone to a friends house and use a paper cutter, and not cheap scissors, a ruler and exacto knife, and if I could have bought my bridesmaids pizza and wine and have them help me, which was the original plan (you’re welcome for moving, bridesmaids).

Our invites. I didn’t think beforehand to take a photo of all of them, so I stole this from my friend who posted it. Aren’t they amazing

Having to schedule hair and make up trials is another problem. I’m having two different people do my hair and make up, so I had to schedule times to get this done. My hair is getting done a month before the wedding, and make up? The day before the wedding. Well, at least whatever foundation they use, will be the correct one, since my skin tone won’t change much in 24 hours (I tan pretty easily, so I’m darker now than I will be in a month).

Everything is kind of hectic, having to do photography and DJ meetings without Dan (but let’s be honest, it’s not like he really cares, just as long as Toto and Men at Work are played during some point of the wedding – this also means I get to make sure some Taylor Swift will be played). While I’ll be in Seattle a month before the wedding, it would be nice if Dan were there with me, and if we had our condo back in Seattle. Right now I’m trying to figure out a couch surfing schedule, without annoying my friends too much, and I have to pack everything into a large suitcase and pray that I have everything (though to be fair, Dan can easily pack things in his bag and bring them with him when he flies out).

tldr: Try not to move two states away when you’re planning a wedding

New adventures

Hello! My name is Gina, you may have once visited my old blog: Fat Kid Confidential. I love cooking, traveling, hanging out with my friends and dancing. For the past 11 years, I’ve lived in Seattle, going to college, working various jobs, finding the love of my life, pretty much enjoying life in the Puget Sound. Then this past April, my life did a 180 when my fiance was offered a job in Montana, in a town with 4,000 people. We had talked about this possibility in January when he applied, and I joked I was down to live “Little House on the Prairie” style, not really thinking this would happen. Two months later they flew Dan out for an interview, and suggested that I fly out as well to check out the town, and a month after that Dan got an offer.

We debated if it was worth it to leave our friends and life in Seattle, and my parents who live so close. We had established life in Seattle, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s twice a week, heading to our local brewery every Friday night, Indian buffet twice a month, Sounders games, Husky games, dinners with friends, etc. Now we were considering moving to a state that doesn’t have Trader Joe’s, let alone Indian buffets! We decided to take a chance, and start a new adventure in Hamilton, Montana. What better way to start married life than with a new adventure, right?

Well, here’s the thing. Dan started his job in June, and we aren’t getting married until October. We also had to sell our condo (which meant a lot of late night/weekends painting, and fixing up things we promised to do “soon”), as well as buy a house. We originally just wanted to rent a place, but the town is so small our options were few and no one seemed to want to take a dog and a cat. So we were left to buy. We found our perfect house 3 weeks before we were set to travel to Hamilton and go house hunting. We stalked it every day, and asked our realtor (who was also their realtor) to keep us in the loop about it before we visited, and put an offer on it as soon as we saw it in person. The problem was, we allowed them to stay in the house for up to 90 days after closing. Closing would be contingent upon us closing our condo. Luckily our condo in Seattle was sold pretty quickly, but we are still waiting for the sellers to move out of our new house, which means we are currently in temporary housing. Most companies have some sort of temporary housing set up for their new employees, but with Hamilton being so small, there was nothing. We are currently renting a “cabin” on some acreage, where the landlords live in a separate house, and there are two more rental properties all in the same little area. It’s not ideal, and we’re counting down until we can comfortably live in our new house.

I’m hoping to share our adventures in moving, traveling, cooking and whatever else life throws at us in this blog. I hope you’ll join me on this crazy ride!